Tesla Model X Problems: Doors, Air Suspension, & More

The Tesla Model X is an electric luxury crossover SUV that became generally available in September 2015. Over the years, many owners have reported a Tesla Model X door problem and other issues. These owners can work with Tesla to address these issues — but in some instances, they may need to file lemon law claims. 

At Robison Lemon Law Group LLC, we have experience with Tesla Model X lemon law claims. To learn more, please reach out to us. We can teach you about the issues commonly associated with Model X doors and other Tesla problems.

Why Do the Model X Doors Have Issues?

One of the key features that draws car buyers to the Model X are the Falcon Wing doors. When you open the door of a Model X, the door moves vertically. Meanwhile, Tesla designed the Model X to ensure the door would open vertically, even if the vehicle was parked close to other cars.

The Falcon Wing doors are attractive and innovative. However, many Falcon Wing door failures have been reported. These issues include:

  • The door gets stuck halfway open or closed
  • The door does not open all the way
  • The door opens and closes on its own

Tesla has taken steps to address various door issues. Regardless, some owners say the Tesla Model X door problem has gotten worse. Along with this problem, Model X owners have reported issues with the vehicle’s air suspension as well. 

What Problems Affect the Model X Air Suspension? 

The Model X’s air suspension can fail due to air leakage that comes from the vehicle’s air spring modules or valve block. In addition, the air suspension can stop working due to an internal mechanical issue that causes the vehicle to rattle when it travels on bumpy roads. There have been instances reported in which the air suspension’s air compressor fails due to moisture. 

Model X owners may be forced to deal with other suspension problems, too. For instance, some owners have noted that they hear squeaking, creaking, and clunking noises from their vehicles’ suspension. These issues can occur due to worn-out suspension parts. 

Of course, if you are dealing with air suspension leaks or other Model X issues, report the problems to Tesla. Keep track of how often these problems occur and each time you report them. If the issues are recurring, you may need to file a lemon law claim to get your car repaired or receive compensation for your vehicle. 

Are There Major Safety Issues with the Model X? 

Tesla owners have reported Model X door and air suspension issues and many other safety problems, including:

Battery and Charging Issues

The Model X has a battery pack with a large capacity. When fully charged, the Model X’s battery should allow a driver to travel an estimated 348 miles. Yet, some car owners report they get nowhere near this level. 

Battery draining too quickly is a commonly reported Model X problem. Also, Model X owners have noted that it is difficult to charge their cars or keep them charged. If a Model X loses charge or cannot hold a charge and runs out of battery power while a driver is behind the wheel, the consequences can be severe. 

Defective Seat Belts

Everyone is legally required to wear a seat belt when they travel by car in the United States. Failure to do so can put a driver or passenger in danger. It is an automaker’s responsibility to ensure that their vehicles’ seat belts work correctly — and at one point, Tesla failed in this regard. 

Tesla issued a recall in July 2023 due to front-row seat belt issues with some of its Model X vehicles. The automaker indicated that the front-row seat belts were not properly connected to pretension anchors. This issue could cause the seat belts to detach. 

Faulty Drive Unit

Multiple issues have been reported that relate to the Model X’s drive unit. These include:

  • Faulty bearings
  • Seal leakages
  • Vibrations

To address such issues, Model X owners may need to request drive unit replacements. Depending on the status of a warranty, it can be tough to get Tesla to replace a Model X’s warranty. In these instances, hiring a law firm that understands the lemon laws in your state is paramount. 

Robison Lemon Law Group LLC can work with you to resolve any Model X problems. For more information, please get in touch with us. We can answer any questions about the lemon laws in your state and help you determine if you have a valid claim.  

How to Address the Tesla Model X Door Problem and Other Issues

There is no telling when a Model X problem will happen. If you experience screen glitches, handle malfunctions, or any other vehicle issues, report them immediately. Then, you can work with Tesla to fix these problems in their early stages. 

In most instances, Tesla works diligently to help Model X owners. If the automaker does not, you can reach out to a lemon law attorney for help. The lawyer can review your case and help you determine if now is the right time to pursue a lemon law claim.

Robison Lemon Law Group LLC offers legal help with Model X lemon law claims. Our team can take a look at your case and help you move forward with a claim in compliance with your state’s lemon laws. To get started, please contact us today. 

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