Gearbox Problems & Solutions

In order to achieve high speeds and fuel efficiency in today’s vehicles, a functioning transmission is imperative. Think of it like a bicycle: without all of those gears to shift through, it’d be much more difficult to climb up and down hills on a Saturday afternoon.

A crucial component in your transmission is the gearbox, which is a collection of gears that take power from the engine and transfers it to the wheels.
Your gearbox should allow you to shift through gears without issue, but that isn’t always the case. If you believe your car may have been sold to you with a defect in the gearbox, reach out to us at 833.422.7529 for a free consultation and we will investigate the problem.

Common Gearbox Problems and Solutions

As an integral part of your transmission, you don’t want your gearbox to have problems. Some of the issues you should keep an eye (and ear) out for include:

Fluid leaks

Ever notice a light red puddle in your parking spot after you pull out? That could mean a transmission fluid leak. Fluid is necessary for lubricating the gears, providing them extra longevity. Low transmission fluid can damage the bearing mechanisms and even wear out the gearbox faster. In some cases, the gears will even lock up.

Possible solutions: Your dealership may check and replace the shaft seals to prevent excess oil from escaping. In the meantime, check your transmission fluid levels to see if you need a top-off. Occasionally checking your transmission is a good habit to get into while you’re waiting at the gas pump for your vehicle to finish filling up.

Rattling, grinding, squeaking, or howling

You may notice any one of these sounds for a brief period of time, and it may get very loud. Whatever the circumstances, it may mean the gear teeth or bearings are damaged. Any of these noises could mean there is damage to the gears or the rolling bearings. The biggest cause of damage to these components is friction.

Possible solutions: Have your dealership identify and replace any broken parts. Afterwards, ensure you always have enough transmission fluid.

Jumping gears

This is a problem you’re more likely to notice in a manual transmission, and you’ll certainly be able to tell when it happens. When your car jumps gears, the entire stick moves out of gear on its own. Bottom line: You have a problem with the linkage.

Possible solutions: Your dealership will either replace the linkage or the gearbox, depending on what is most likely to resolve the issue.

Problems changing gears.

Similar to jumping gears, you’re more likely to notice this one if your vehicle has a manual transmission. If you find yourself “pumping” the clutch to change gears, you may have a problem with the gearbox or clutch.

Possible solutions: Get this checked by a dealership as soon as possible. Struggling to perform any sort of basic function in your vehicle is a distraction you can’t afford.

Seek Legal Assistance for Your Gearbox Issues

If you have constant issues with your gearbox, you may have been sold a lemon. Robison Lemon Law Group can help you navigate both the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act and lemon laws to ensure you receive the justice you deserve.

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