BMW X7 Lemon Law: Problems, Complaints, & Recalls

If you drive a BMW X7, you may enjoy your car. However, BMW X7 problems can come up at any time. Even if you bring your car to the manufacturer or dealer, these problems can linger for a long time. 

The team at Robison Lemon Law Group LLC believes no one should be forced to drive an unsafe car. If you experience BMW X7 problems that keep getting worse, please let us know. We may be able to help you file a lemon law claim against the manufacturer or dealer. 

Is the X7 Prone to Problems?

The X7 became generally available in March 2019. Since that time, the X7 has received high marks in terms of safety and reliability. The latest release, the 2024 BMW X7, earned an 8.4 out of 10 rating from U.S. News and World Report

Many X7 owners have positive things to say about their vehicles. Yet, some X7 owners have encountered problems that impact their cars’ safety and performance. Oftentimes, owners report these problems to BMW or the dealer who sold them their car, and the issues get addressed right away. 

If you notice a problem with your X7, it is in your best interests to be proactive. You can report the issue to the manufacturer or dealer, which is a great first step to resolving the problem. If the manufacturer or dealer chooses to ignore the problem or cannot fix it within a reasonable time frame, you may be able to file a claim in accordance with your state’s new and used car lemon laws.

What Issues Have BMW X7 Owners Experienced? 

Some of the issues that BMW X7 owners have reported include:

Headlight Problems

The X7’s automatic headlights tend to work well when drivers are traveling in the dark. For some X7 owners, the headlights automatically stay activated. This can drain an X7’s battery and lead to electrical problems. 

Wheel Corrosion

The X7 features branded alloy wheels that help give the car a look all its own. Some X7 owners like the look of the wheels but say they tend to corrode quickly. This can impact an X7’s appearance and resale value. 

Fuel Pump Problems 

The X7’s high-pressure fuel pump has a defect that can result in poor acceleration. This issue can contribute to transmission slips and engine failure. If you notice that it is difficult to accelerate your X7 uphill or when you have a heavy load, you may be dealing with a defective fuel pump. 

At Robison Lemon Law Group LLC, we understand the challenges that come with car ownership. If you are dealing with paint defects, sensor malfunctions, or any other vehicle issues that occur through no fault of your own, please reach out to us. We can review your case, help you determine if you have a valid lemon law claim, and, if so, walk you through the lemon law process

What Safety Concerns Are There with the X7?

To date, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has issued 22 BMW X7 recalls relating to various safety issues, including:

Knee Airbag

BMW recalled several X7 models in July 2023 due to a defective knee airbag. The automaker noted that the airbag would not deploy as intended. If the airbag does not work properly, it increases the risk of injury in a crash. 

Exhaust System

In April 2023, BMW recalled some of its X7 models due to a faulty exhaust system. The automaker indicated that there was a loose connection between the exhaust system and the catalytic converter. This could ultimately increase the risk of a fire. 

Exterior Lighting

In certain X7 models, only one of the front parking lights would illuminate. This led BMW to issue a recall to address the issue in September 2022. With the recall, BMW offered to replace the defective parking lot on affected X7 models free of charge. 


Some X7 models had a seat backrest that was not installed correctly. The faulty backrest could dislodge or detach. If not fixed, the backrest can cause serious harm if an X7 driver gets into an accident. 


The sunroof function of some X7 models was not programmed properly. As such, an X7’s sunroof could close, even if the driver did not have their key fob near the vehicle. This prompted BMW to issue a recall in April 2022. 

For BMW X7 owners who are dealing with these issues or air suspension leaks, water leaks, or other vehicle problems, do not wait to get help. Bring your car to the manufacturer or dealer so you can report any BMW X7 problems before they get any worse. If you are concerned that you bought a defective X7, you can consult with a law firm that specializes in lemon laws, too. 

Get Legal Help to Address Any BMW X7 Problems

Robison Lemon Law Group LLC has experience with X7 problems. We encourage you to meet with our team so we can discuss your X7 lemon law case. To get started, please contact us today.

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