Ford Fusion Parking Brake Malfunction? Here Is What We Know

The Ford Fusion features an electric parking brake. In most instances, the emergency brake works correctly. But, there can be times when the parking brake malfunctions. 

If you are dealing with a defective Ford Fusion parking brake, you need to respond accordingly. Otherwise, if your emergency brake stops working, it can lead to an accident. 

What Does It Mean When My Ford Fusion Says ‘Park Brake Malfunction’?

The Ford Fusion has a parking brake that you operate with a switch in lieu of a lever. This switch is located on the left-hand side of the steering wheel. To activate the emergency brake, you only need to pull the switch up. 

Once you activate the Ford Fusion’s parking brake, a red warning lamp with the word “Brake” lights up on the dashboard. This means the parking brake has been applied. The light will remain illuminated until you pull the switch down to deactivate the parking brake. 

In instances where the Ford Fusion’s emergency brake is malfunctioning, it is common for a “Park Brake Malfunction” message to appear on the dashboard. This message indicates the vehicle’s parking brake is not working as intended. If you park your car on a hill or incline, the emergency brake can malfunction, and there is a risk that your vehicle will roll away. 

How Do You Fix a Park Brake Malfunction on a Ford Fusion?

There can be times when you get a Ford Fusion “Park Brake Service Now” message on your vehicle’s dashboard. Or, there is a possibility that a “Park Brake Limited Function: Service Required” message will appear. No matter what message you get regarding your vehicle’s parking brake, it is important to take it seriously. In doing so, you can fix a park brake malfunction before it escalates. 

Ultimately, there is no surefire reason why the park brake malfunctions on a Ford Fusion. Common reasons why the emergency brake will stop working include:

  • Defective parking brake switch
  • Faulty parking brake actuator
  • Malfunctioning cables that connect your Fusion’s emergency brake pedal to its rear brakes

You may be able to reset the emergency brake on your Fusion to address any warning lights that appear. However, if you have concerns regarding a park brake malfunction, be cautious. By bringing your car to an authorized mechanic, you can get your vehicle’s emergency brake evaluated. If there are any issues with the brake, your mechanic can fix them right away.

How Do You Reset the Electronic Parking Brake on a Ford Fusion?

Resetting the electronic parking brake on a Ford Fusion does not take long. Here are the steps you will need to complete to reset the brake:

  1. Put your key into the ignition switch. 
  2. Turn your key to the “Accessories” position. 
  3. Step on the brake pedal and shift your car into neutral. 
  4. Hold the accelerator pedal and parking brake together. 
  5. Move your key to the “Off” position. 
  6. Turn your key to the “Accessories” position once again. 
  7. Let go of the parking brake and accelerator pedal. 

If you are not comfortable resetting the electronic parking brake on your own, an authorized mechanic can help you out. Ask a mechanic to reset the parking brake when you bring your car for an emergency brake evaluation or other maintenance. 

Why You Need to Repair a Malfunctioning Electronic Parking Brake on a Ford Fusion

You can drive a Ford Fusion with a defective parking brake, but doing so is risky. Rather than put yourself and others in danger, it is in everyone’s best interest to be proactive with emergency brake maintenance and repairs. 

If you receive a warning about your emergency brake but find that resetting the brake does not fix the issue, meet with an authorized mechanic. At this point, the mechanic can help you find a long-term resolution to any brake issues. 

Meanwhile, if you are concerned your Fusion’s brake problems are due to the fact that you inadvertently bought a lemon, seek legal help. You can partner with an attorney that knows the ins and outs of lemon laws in your state. This attorney can help you get compensation for your vehicle. 

Get Help with Your Lemon Law Case

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