2019 Kia Soul Problems & Common Customer Complaints

The 2019 Kia Soul has received mixed reviews. It represents an economical and fuel-efficient choice for those in search of a compact car. On the other hand, consumers have reported several 2019 Kia Soul issues.

What Are the Most Common Problems with the 2019 Kia Soul?

Engine failure, transmission issues, and many other problems have made it tough for 2019 Kia Soul owners to get the most value out of their purchases. Here are five of the most common problems and customer complaints associated with the 2019 Kia Soul. 


1. Engine Problems


The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has received at least 13 complaints relating to the Soul’s engine. These complaints include:

  • Engine failure
  • Car engine started smoking without any prior warnings
  • Oil plug falling out and damaging the engine
  • Knocking sounds from the engine

In at least one instance, a consumer told NHTSA that a dealership refused to acknowledge or take ownership of their reported engine problem. This raises concerns about whether a dealership will apply the warranty it may offer with a Soul. 


2. Transmission Issues  


Transmission fluid can leak from a Soul. It can be difficult to identify a small transmission fluid leak. As the leak increases, it can cause severe damage to the Soul’s transmission. 

In addition, a Soul’s can loosen over time. If this goes unnoticed and unaddressed, the issue can escalate to the point where the transmission may need to be replaced. 


3. Airbag Problems


There have been times when the airbags of a Soul have not deployed properly or at all. 

One consumer told NHTSA that they were involved in a car accident while traveling in their Soul. This consumer reported that several of their vehicle’s airbags did not deploy. The consumer also noted that one of the passengers sustained injuries to their knees and legs, and another passenger suffered a hernia in the accident. 


4. Electrical Malfunctions


To date, consumers have indicated that various Soul electrical system components have caused problems. 

In one instance, a consumer told NHTSA that their Soul’s power steering once shut down while they were traveling 50 miles per hour. When this happened, the consumer said they “nearly crashed into a second vehicle.” 

Another consumer reported their Soul’s seat belts do not lock in place properly when braking, according to NHTSA. However, the consumer also noted that their vehicle’s seat belts “randomly lock in place while cruising.” 


5. Fuel System Issues


For some consumers, their Soul’s fuel system has malfunctioned, creating safety issues for them and other motorists. 

A consumer told NHTSA in January 2021 that their Soul’s fuel injectors got stuck, causing their vehicle’s engine to flood with gas. This consumer reported two of their vehicle’s four fuel injectors were defective. The consumer also pointed out that they intended to replace all of their Soul’s factory-installed fuel injectors to avoid similar issues down the line. 


How Reliable Is a 2019 Kia Soul?


The 2019 Kia Soul can be reliable if you take care of your vehicle. Otherwise, if you ignore car problems or believe they will disappear on their own, your vehicle is unlikely to operate correctly over an extended period of time.  

Do not wait to address problems with your 2019 Kia Soul. At the first sign of any issues with your Soul, you should:

1. Look for Safety Recalls


As of March 13, 2023, Kia has only issued one recall for the 2019 Soul.  

On January 24, 2022, Kia recalled some of its Soul models and several others due to airbags that do not deploy as intended. If the issue is not fixed in a Soul, the vehicle’s Air Bag Control Unit cover can come into contact with a memory chip on its printed board circuit. When this happens, the electrical circuit can get damaged, which can cause the Soul’s airbags not to deploy correctly in a crash.

If you have not responded to this recall, do so right away. You can bring your Soul to a Kia dealership, and they can fix the issue for free. 

And, keep an eye out for recalls from NHTSA. If Kia issues a recall for the 2019 Soul, bring your vehicle in for repairs immediately.


2. Get Your Car Inspected


Take your 2019 Kia Soul to a Kia dealership to get it checked out. Or, you can bring your car to a Kia-certified technician. In either scenario, you can have your car inspected by someone that knows the ins and outs of your vehicle. From here, you can diagnose and correct any vehicle issues. 

If you bought a new 2019 Soul from a Kia dealer, your car comes with a basic warranty. All of your Soul’s components are covered for 60 months or 60,000 miles from the date of first service (whichever comes first). But, the warranty does not cover wear and maintenance items. 

Also, there is a powertrain limited warranty for those who bought a new 2019 Soul. This warranty takes effect after the Soul’s basic warranty lapses. It covers all of your Soul’s powertrain components up to 120 months or 120,000 miles from the date of first service (whichever comes first).


3. Review Your State’s Lemon Laws

If you purchased a 2019 Kia Soul in need of major repairs, now may be a good time to examine your state’s lemon laws. Then, you can determine how you can hold the manufacturer of your vehicle to you accountable. 

There are lemon laws in place for new and used cars. These laws are intended to protect consumers against fraud. They give you a path to justice in the event that your 2019 Soul does not perform as expected in the weeks and months after your purchase. 

If you purchased a lemon but are having trouble getting the manufacturer responsible for paying for your car repairs, it pays to partner with an attorney. You can discuss your lemon with an attorney, and the lawyer can help you determine if you have a strong case. Once you have a lawyer at your side, you are well-equipped to get the compensation you deserve for your vehicle. 


Do Not Wait Any Longer to Seek Compensation for Your Defective 2019 Kia Soul


Robison Lemon Law Group LLC offers free legal help to those that want to pursue compensation for their lemon. To learn more about PA Lemon Law, NJ Lemon Law, or NY Lemon Law or request a free case evaluation, please contact us today.  

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