Ford 7.3 Gas Problems and Top Complaints

Did you know that the number of licensed drivers in the United States is 238.2 million? This is 89 percent of US adults. Since 2021, this number has gone up, as the number was 234.9 million last year.

If you’ve got a driver’s license and a car, you’d expect that things should be easy for you as a driver. But if you have Ford 7.3 gas problems or another problem with this car, you might be feeling stressed.

Fortunately, in this article, we’ll review the gas problems with this car and more. Finally, you can understand what problems your car has, find a solution, and enjoy driving again. Read on to learn more.

Ford 7.3 Gas Problems and Solutions

There are several common Ford truck issues related to gas. These include wiring harness failures related to the spark plug, isolated issues, unsmooth starting, and bad gas mileage. We’ll review each of these now so you can understand the issues with your car in depth.

Wiring Harness Failures Related to the Spark Plug Wire

To understand this Ford issue, you need to understand what a spark plug is. This is a device in a car that delivers an electric current, from its ignition system to the spark-ignition engine’s combustion chamber.

This is so that it can ignite, with an electric spark, the compressed mixture of air and fuel. When this occurs, the combustion pressure that’s in the engine is contained.

This part of the car is connected to the ignition coils. The wire that connects these two is the spark plug wire. These are the wires that carry the electric current so that the electric spark occurs.

One of the Ford 7.3 engine issues that people noticed—when they first started using the car right after it had been released—was that cylinder misfires were occurring.

The reason was that the wiring harness was faulty. Sometimes, this meant that the engine wouldn’t start at all.

The Solution

Fortunately, Ford provided a solution to this problem. After identifying the issue and saying that it was a manufacturing defect, it turned out that the same Ford engine problems were occurring with the 2020 Ford super-duty trucks and 2021 Ford chassis motorhomes.

As a result, there was a backorder crisis with this part. Fortunately, however, it doesn’t cost much to get this part yourself. It only costs around $25, so you can easily solve this problem by buying the new part and replacing it.

Isolated Issues

If you’ve ended up buying a Ford truck of the 7.3 type, another gas problem you might have is the isolated issues. A variety of users came across problems including transmissions problems, cylinder scoring, and stuck lifters.

The Solution

If you’ve come across an isolated issue occurring with your Ford 7.3 engine, you’ll have to go to the dealership or speak with an expert about the issue. Even though it could be a small problem, any issue with your engine is something to worry about. This is because it could cause dangers on the road.

Unsmooth Starting

Another problem that occurs with the engine of the Ford 7.3 is unsmooth starting. People have pushed the begin button, only to find that the engine doesn’t start. Instead, it sputters, and within a few seconds, it stops.

An additional unsmooth starting problem that people have experienced with this car is that it isn’t possible to achieve an idle that is steady.

Another problem people have experienced is that, once they’ve finally managed to start their car after a number of tries, they smell weird gasoline fumes in the cab. So even as they drive on, they can smell the fumes.

The Solution

The solution to this problem is to identify what’s causing it. Most likely, the problem is with the car’s fuel pump.

Go to the dealership or speak with an expert who can help you identify the cause. Let them know you suspect it might be the fuel pump but be open to other causes they can explore.

They can then repair your car’s fuel pump module or fix whatever issue is causing the problem.

Bad Gas Mileage

Even though this isn’t technically a problem with the engine itself, bad gas mileage is a problem for a driver who has certain priorities. If you have the priorities of reducing carbon emissions or minimizing gas expenses, this will be a problem for you.

If you’re doing a combination of highway and city driving, this car gets only 12 miles per gallon. If you’re planning on towing something, this mileage rate will be even lower.

The Solution

To solve this problem, you’ll have to put into action the practices anyone would to improve the fuel economy of a car. These practices include decelerating and accelerating smoothly, removing excess weight, and using your gears properly.

They also include servicing and maintaining your car regularly, avoiding unnecessary idling, using your heating and air conditioning functions wisely, checking tire pressure, and replacing clogged air filters.

Need More Information?

Now that you’ve learned about the most common Ford 7.3 gas problems and their solutions, you might need more information. Maybe you’re having such bad issues that you want to know whether your car is a lemon.

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