Chevy Silverado Starter Problems

You might be surprised to learn that General Motors outsold all other major truck makers in the large truck division in 2021. General Motors delivered 778,689 trucks delivered in 2021, including the Chevy Silverado.

Outselling the Ford F150 and the Dodge Ram is quite a feat for GM. Yet, this Chevy truck is not without some issues worth noting.

It seems the Chevy Silverado starter problems continue to plague the vehicle. If you’re considering a Chevy Silverado purchase or already own one, you might already be acquainted with the starter issue.

Read on to learn more about this issue and how to address it if you can’t seem to get a dealer to take care of the problem.

Chevy Silverado Starter Issues

Let’s face it; when you buy a new truck, you expect it to start. When you push the button to start the engine, you expect this big, powerful truck to turn over and the engine ready to go.

But instead, when you turn on your truck, you hear a clicking noise, and the engine doesn’t turn over and start. A common complaint from the Silverado owners is the no crank when attempting to start the truck.

The reality is that, on occasion, many vehicles will have trouble starting. However, if you’re having a perpetual problem with your Silverado, you have a reason for concern.

Why might you Silverado not be starting?

If you attempt to start the truck and nothing happens, it’s likely a starter issue, or the battery isn’t getting power to the truck, so it has enough energy to turn over.

You may have an issue where the truck turns over, and even though it’s trying to start, it doesn’t. Since you can hear it turn over, you may have an issue with a sparkplug, a weak battery charge, or a bad ignition coil.

Since many Silverados are facing starter issues, it makes sense the ignition coil could be the culprit in this scenario.

You don’t have to be a mechanic to recognize that you have an issue when you start your truck and hear a clicking noise. You should start by speaking to the dealer who sold you the car for repairs.

Could Your Chevy Silverado Be a Lemon?

Have you had your Silverado into the dealership multiple times? Are you frustrated that the issue persists while the dealership says the truck is fixed and in good running order?

You reach a point where you have to wonder if there’s some bigger issue with the truck. Do you have a lemon? If you do, you need the help of a law firm that knows how to fight and force the carmaker to address the problem with the car.

You certainly don’t want to keep a truck that won’t start with some consistency.

Get the Help You Need With Your Chevy Silverado Starter Problems

The Chevy Silverado starter problems are a real stain on this very popular truck from General Motors. Buying a new truck is a real investment and not one you want to make, then be faced with a litany of starter problems.

If you already own a Silverado with starter issues that can’t seem to be resolved, you may have a lemon. You probably just want to get out of owning this truck and move on from the issues.

We can help. Contact us today to discuss the issues you’re facing with your Chevy Silverado or to learn more about the PA Lemon Law, NJ Lemon Law, or NY Lemon Law.

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