2019 RAM Active Grill Shutter Problems & Reliability Issues

What if you had major regrets after spending a small fortune on a new truck?

This is something that many 2019 RAM truck drivers have experienced. Even though RAM is a brand they associate with quality and reliability, countless drivers have experienced annoying RAM active grill shutter problems.

What are these problems? How can you identify them, and what do you need to do to fix the issue? Keep reading to discover the answers!

What Is the Active Grill Shutter?

On your 2019 RAM truck, the active grill shutter is located on the lower opening of the front bumper. This shutter helps to regulate and control how much airflow goes into your engine compartment.

In addition to keeping your engine running well, the active grill shutter helps you conserve fuel while driving. By opening up at lower speeds and closing at higher speeds, this system reduces drag, making your car more aerodynamic and fuel efficient.

However, when you have an active grill shutter issue, it means that your engine may be getting too much airflow, and you may be forced to go to the gas station far more often as you drive.

What Is the Grill Shutter Malfunction On a 2019 RAM?

Many 2019 RAM drivers report experiencing problems with their shutter system. Most often, a “check engine” light will pop on. If the driver performs a diagnostic test, they will encounter a mysterious U11E9 error code.

This code means there is a communication issue with the RAM active grill shutters. Specifically, the shutter is trying to send a message to your truck that the truck is having difficulty deciphering.

When this happens, the shutter will not be able to operate as needed. And as with many RAM issues, there are multiple things that may cause this problem.

What Causes Problems With RAM Active Grill Shutters?

When you experience an active grill shutter issue, it could be an electronic malfunction. These are difficult for you to diagnose on your own. Most drivers are better off trying to first determine if there may be a physical cause for the issue.

For example, if the shutter is physically damaged, it can cause the communication issues we described above. And even if there isn’t much physical damage, the shutters may get disconnected from the linkage. This, too, causes problems.

How to fix this problem depends on how handy you are. It’s possible to inspect physical issues and, if needed reconnect disconnected shutters. But if there is an electronic issue, or you otherwise can’t isolate the problem, you’ll likely need to take this to the dealer or to a reputable local mechanic.

RAM Active Grill Shutter Problems

Now you know more about RAM active grill shutter problems and how to fix them. But do you know what to do when you feel like you were sold a “lemon” of a truck by an unscrupulous seller?

We specialize in fighting for the rights of drivers who were unknowingly sold lemons. Ready for some justice? To discover what we can do for you and your unwanted lemon, just contact us today for help on your PA Lemon Law, NJ Lemon Law, or NY Lemon Law case.

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