2022 Ram eTorque Problems and Known Issues

What if your truck was one bad day from a major problem?

Most drivers don’t realize this, but there were more recalls in 2021 than any prior year. And there are more recalls for a simple reason: an increasing number of drivers are finding major problems with their vehicles!

While the 2022 Ram hasn’t had any formal recalls yet, there have been major issues concerning its eTorque system. And malfunctions in this system can cause many other issues with the vehicle.

What are the 2022 Ram eTorque problems you need to watch out for? Keep reading to find out!

Stalling Out

The Ram eTorque system is supposed to give drivers greater control over their vehicles. However, some drivers report that one of their biggest 2022 Ram eTorque problems involves the vehicle stalling out!

Different things can cause this to happen. For example, the vehicle may apply the emergency brake when it’s not supposed to.

On its own, this issue would be annoying enough. But the combination of high-speed driving and sudden brake activation may be enough to get drivers killed!

To make matters worse, dealerships aren’t always sure how to fix this problem. So you may end up stuck with a brand-new vehicle with a problem that cannot be fixed (something not uncommon to Dodge vehicles).

Getting Stuck In Third Gear

One of the handier features of the Ram 1500 is the tow haul mode. On paper, this mode makes towing heavy loads a breeze. In practice, however, the eTorque system causes problems with towing.

What kind of problems? Many drivers report that, while using the tow haul mode, their vehicles sometimes get stuck in third gear.

This particular system is tied to the truck’s software, so no regular mechanic can fix it for you. As for dealerships, many of them have been telling Ram 1500 drivers to simply avoid using tow haul mode for the time being!

Water Damage to Battery

So far, the issues we have focused on are ones that are caused by the eTorque system. However, the Ram 1500 also suffers from another problem that may make all of the eTorque problems worse.

The problem in question is that the back window sometimes does not fully close. This lets water into the vehicle. In addition to damaging your seats, the water may damage the eTorque battery mounted to the back wall of your truck.

Unfortunately, the final lesson for Ram 1500 drivers is that this truck has more problems than they ever knew about before they made their purchase. And if you have problems like this, it may be time to take advantage of the Lemon Laws of your state.

Get Help With Your 2022 Ram eTorque Problems Today!

Now you know about the biggest 2022 Ram eTorque problems. But do you know who can help you if you feel you got ripped off with this truck?

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