Tesla Model Y Lemon Law: Problems, Complaints, & Recalls

The Tesla Model Y is a top-rated electric vehicle (EV). However, many Tesla Model Y problems have been reported following the vehicle’s debut in 2020. If you are dealing with a defective Model Y, you may be able to seek compensation as part of a lemon law claim. 

Robison Lemon Law Group LLC has a proven track record with Tesla Model Y lemon law claims. If you bought a Tesla that does not work as expected, please let us know. We can help you submit a lemon law claim and pursue compensation from Tesla.

Should I Worry About Issues with the Tesla Model Y? 

Many Tesla Model Y owners experience no problems with their vehicles. Edmunds points out that the vehicle has several safety features that stand out to its experts, including: 

  • Automatic emergency braking that warns a driver if a front crash is imminent and applies the brakes if the motorist does not respond quickly enough. 
  • Lane-keeping assist that helps a driver avoid drifting out of their lane. 
  • Active cruise control that allows a driver to keep a safe distance between their car and the vehicle in front of them. 

Of course, Tesla Model Y problems can come up at any time. If they do, you need to respond accordingly. Otherwise, if an issue goes unaddressed, it can affect your vehicle’s performance and safety long into the future. 

For those who want to report safety defects with a Model Y, you can do so directly through Tesla. Generally, you should expect an immediate response to your vehicle issue. If you do not get the help you need to repair your car, it may be time to consider a lemon law claim. 

What Problems Have Model Y Owners Reported? 

Some of the Tesla Model Y problems that owners have reported include:

Adaptive Cruise Control Problems

The Model Y’s adaptive cruise control automatically adjusts a car’s cruise control speed if it senses another vehicle is close. To date, some owners have reported brake problems, as adaptive cruise control causes their vehicles to brake unexpectedly. Others have noted that the feature does not recognize certain road hazards. 

Uneven Body Panel Gaps

Some Model Y owners have noted that their vehicles have inconsistent body panel gaps. The difference in size between the gaps on a Model Y may be only a few millimeters. Regardless, they raise concerns about the vehicle’s overall quality and integrity. 

Paint Defects

The Model Y may have a textured finish that does not appear smooth. This can give the vehicle a “cheap” look. It can also make it difficult to clean the car’s exterior. 

Model Y issues are unlikely to disappear on their own. If you are dealing with a Tesla problem, report the issue to the manufacturer. At this point, the manufacturer can address the issue — and if it does not, you may be able to move forward with the lemon law process

Are There Safety Concerns to Know About the Model Y?

There are safety concerns to consider with the Tesla Model Y, and these include:

Screen Malfunctions

The Model Y’s touchscreen can suddenly go blank or automatically restart itself while you are behind the wheel. If this happens, you may be tempted to focus more on the touchscreen and less on the road. This can lead to a distracted driving crash.

Suspension Problems

In 2021, Tesla recalled nearly 3,000 cars — including Model Y vehicles — due to suspension issues. Tesla indicated that the suspension in affected cars was defective and could cause the wheel to misalign. The automaker offered to tighten or replace the lateral link fasteners on any affected cars for free. 

Charging Issues

A defective charging port or vehicle software issues can impact a Model Y owner’s ability to charge their car’s battery. Also, there can be times when low temperatures make it tough to insert a Model Y battery into its charger. Any charging issues can prevent a Tesla owner from fully charging their vehicle’s battery. 

If you notice suspension noise or any other problems with your Model Y, do not wait to report them to Tesla. When you do, Tesla should address such issues immediately. If the automaker ignores these problems or does not correct them, it can be beneficial to consider a lemon law claim. 

What to Do If You Are Dealing with a Defective Tesla Model Y

After you report Model Y problems to Tesla, it is the automaker’s responsibility to take these issues seriously. Tesla may cite delivery delays and other reasons to try to explain why your car is not being fixed in a timely manner. Yet, the automaker must do everything in its power to ensure that its customers can safely drive their vehicles. 

Each time you bring your Model Y to Tesla for repairs, keep track of any paperwork that you receive. You can monitor your auto repairs, and your repair documents can serve you well if you need to file a lemon law claim. These documents show that you are doing everything you can to work with Tesla to get your vehicle fixed. 

At the Robison Lemon Law Group LLC, we can teach you about the lemon law in your state. If you have been dealing with ongoing Model Y problems that Tesla continues to push to the back burner, please let us know. Our lemon law attorney can help you submit your claim so you can get fair compensation for your vehicle. 

It Pays to Partner with an Attorney to Pursue a Tesla Model Y Lemon Law Claim

Every lemon law claim is different, but an attorney maintains the same goal with each one: to make sure that their client’s legal rights are protected. New and used car lemon laws are in place that protect consumers who inadvertently purchase faulty vehicles. You have the right to submit a claim based on these laws, and a lemon law attorney can help you do just that. 

Initially, a lemon law lawyer learns about your defective Model Y. They ask questions and get insights into how long you have been dealing with vehicle issues. If you have a valid claim, your attorney can file it for you right away. 

Your lemon law attorney will keep you up to date throughout the claims process. If you have questions about this process, your lawyer can answer them. Most importantly, they will ensure that you get the help you need to pursue your claim to the fullest extent. 

Get Started with a Tesla Model Y Lemon Law Claim

The team at Robison Lemon Law Group LLC has plenty of experience with lemon law claims. We can help you file your Model Y lemon law claim and get the best results from it. To learn more or request a free lemon law case evaluation, please contact us today. 

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