5 Manufacturers that Create the Most Expensive Cars to Maintain

Anyone buying a car looks at the sticker price, but what about the costs of maintenance and repair over the life of the vehicle?

A study by YourMechanic.com ranked all the major carmakers according to the average cost of repair and maintenance of their vehicles over the first 10 years off the lot.

So, which car manufacturers make the most expensive cars to maintain?

1. BMW

BMW drivers pay a premium for the German brand’s signature style, luxury and performance. They also pay the most of any car owners to repair and maintain their vehicles. The average total repair and maintenance cost over the first 10 years of a BMV’s life is $17,800, or about $1,780 per year.

BMW’s Most Expensive Car to Maintain: 328i

The BMW 328i tops the list of the German carmakers most expensive car brands to own, with an annualized cost of $1,560 per year for the first 10 years, or $15,600 in total.

BMW’s X5 did not rank in the most expensive cars to repair, but it does place highly in the most recalled vehicle category, thanks in part to exploding airbags and a nasty tendency to burst into flames.

2. Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz, another German luxury car manufacturer, comes in a close second on the list of most expensive car brands to maintain. A Mercedes-Benz will cost an average of $12,900 to repair and maintain during its first 10 years off the lot.

Mercedes-Benz’s Most Expensive Cars to Repair: E350

The Mercedes-Benz E-Class sedans are among the top-ranked luxury sedans in the world. They also break the bank when problems arise. The Mercedes-Benz E350 is the line’s worst offender, costing an annualized average of $1,470 per year during the first 10 years.

3. Cadillac

America’s flagship luxury car producer comes close to its German counterparts in terms of maintenance and repair costs.

Cadillac’s Most Expensive Cars to Fix

While Cadillac’s are generally expensive to maintain, new Cadillac buyers will find most of the issues covered by the company’s generous warranty policies. This includes every Cadillac model.

Once the warranty expires, however, Cadillac owners are in for a penny and a pound on repairs. You should have a solid understanding of your state’s Lemon Law if you plan on buying a Cadillac without a warranty.

4. Volvo

Swedish carmaker Volvo comes in fourth place on the list of most expensive cars to maintain. A Volvo costs an average of $12,500 to repair and maintain during the first 10 years of the vehicle’s life.

Volvo’s Lifetime Replacement Parts & Labor Warranty, which covers parts and labor for repairs at authorized Volvo dealerships, helped keep any particular Volvo model off the list of most expensive cars to fix.

5. Audi

Yet another German luxury carmaker, Audi came in very close to Volvo, with an average $12,400 for repairs and maintenance during the first 10 years.

Audi’s Most Expensive Car Brands to Own: A4 Quattro

The A4 Quattro executive sedan topped the list of Audi’s most expensive car to maintain, with an average repair and maintenance cost of $12,800 over the vehicle’s first decade on the road. Top among the common car complaints by A4 Quattro owners are excessive oil use, bad pistons and complete engine failure.

Honorable Mentions

Dodge and Chrysler models both topped $10,000 in repair and maintenance costs for the first 10 years, or $1,000 per year on average.

High-profile offenders include the Chrysler Sebring ($17,100), the Dodge Grand Caravan ($14,500) and the Chrysler 300 ($12,000).

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