GMC Yukon Rear Climate Control Problems

The GMC Yukon is a pricey, luxury SUV that can provide a great ride, but if you’re experiencing the rear climate control problems that too many owners complain about, it can end up being a frustrating choice for a vehicle. Lemon laws are designed to protect vehicle owners like you from flaws and defects made during manufacture – called nonconformities – and an experienced Pennsylvania lemon law attorney can help. 

How Do You Fix the GMC Yukon Rear Climate Control Issue? 

Yukon owners throughout the nation routinely report that the rear climate controls in their vehicles simply stop working. While the 12v outlets (cigarette lighters) in the control panels generally retain power, the control modules won’t turn on or the temperature controls have no effect. The underlying issues of the HVAC system have been narrowed down to include concerns with the electronic blend door actuator, which controls the vehicle’s temperature control system. 

To help ensure lemon law eligibility in your state, which is a possibility in relation to some HVAC concerns, you’ll need to allow your dealer a reasonable number of attempts to fix the issue. This means that installing a new actuator yourself is unlikely to be in your best interest. You purchased a Yukon to serve you well from season to season, and if it is falling down on the job, filling a lemon law claim can help – and for that, you’ll want a dedicated lemon law lawyer in your corner.

What Are Possible Reasons My GMC Yukon’s Climate Control is Not Working in the Rear of My Vehicle? 

There are other issues, in addition to the blend door actuator, that could be at the heart of your Yukon’s rear heating concern, including:

  • A problem with the rear climate control blower motor or the blower motor resistor
  • A problem with the rear climate control display button
  • A problem with the control module itself
  • A problem with the up/down actuator or the hot/cold actuator

In other words, there is no shortage of reasons the climate control in the rear of your Yukon may not be working. If your dealer can’t rectify the problem, it’s likely time to consult with a trusted lemon law lawyer. 

Is My GMC Yukon Eligible for Lemon Law in PA?

In Pennsylvania, lemon laws apply to new and leased vehicles that are purchased or leased in the state or that are purchased or leased in a different state but are registered for the first time in Pennsylvania. For lemon law eligibility, you must take your Yukon to the shop or dealer for repairs regarding your rear climate control issue and must allow them a reasonable number of repair attempts. If the problem isn’t solved, Pennsylvania’s lemon law may apply. Another application of the state’s lemon law is if your Yukon is in the shop or at the dealer for an extended length of time for a specific issue like your rear climate control, for related issues, or for a range of issues.


The requirements for Pennsylvania’s lemon law include the following:

  • The vehicle, such as your Yukon, experienced nonconformities, such as your problem with the rear climate control, within the first 12 months of purchase or within the first 12,000 miles – whichever comes first.
  • The shop or dealer wasn’t able to fix your problem within a reasonable number of repair attempts, which generally translates to three or more.
  • If your Yukon spent a total of at least 30 calendar days in the shop or at the dealer in its first 12 months or during its first 12,000 miles – whichever comes first, Pennsylvania’s lemon law may also apply. 

A nonconformity in this context means a defect or issue that impairs the use, safety, or value of your Yukon – and a problem with the rear climate control in the State of Pennsylvania can certainly affect the use and the value of your SUV. 

If Your Yukon Is Used

The lemon law in Pennsylvania only covers used vehicles if the car has a lemon title – which means that the Yukon was branded as a lemon after multiple failed attempts by the manufacturer to remedy a problem that led to a buyback from the owner – or if the dealer misrepresented the vehicle when you purchased it. If neither of these applies, however, it’s important to note that your Yukon could be covered under the Pennsylvania Unfair Trade Practices Act. Further, if you have a manufacturer’s warranty, an original warranty, or an extended warranty that you purchased on your used Yukon, the federal Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act may apply. Consult with a savvy lemon law attorney today. 

If Your Issue with the Rear Climate Control Arises after the 12-Month Mark

If the problem with the rear climate control of your Yukon occurs past the 12-month or the 12,000-mile mark – whichever comes first – federal warranty options may still apply if your SUV is still under warranty. 

The federal protections provided are similar to those afforded by Pennsylvania’s lemon law, ensuring cost-free legal representation and awarding monetary compensation that will reflect your Yukon’s diminished value based on the problems you experienced, such as your faulty rear climate control, and on the repairs that were performed. All your SUV’s warranties will remain in effect, the vehicle’s title will not be branded as a lemon – or as anything else – and the compensation you receive won’t be taxable. 

If Your Yukon Has Issues Right off the Lot

If your Yukon’s rear climate control shows signs of a problem almost as soon as you roll it off the lot, it can be very tempting to simply drop it back off at the dealer and say, “No thanks.” While this approach is understandable, this approach can land you with more problems and won’t rectify the issue. 

The proper procedure for initiating a lemon law claim in Pennsylvania includes the following:

  • As soon as you recognize that there’s a problem with your Yukon’s rear climate control – or anything else – have it checked and repaired by the dealer.
  • Get a copy of your repair invoice when the repair is completed, check to ensure that the invoice accurately reflects the problem you’re experiencing, and save it for your records. 
  • If the problem continues, repeat the process – noting the repair dates and compiling the invoices to streamline your claim.

After a third trip to the dealer with no luck in terms of fixing your Yukon’s rear climate control issue, it’s time to reach out to a practiced lemon law attorney who will help you explore your best options.  

An Experienced Pennsylvania Lemon Law Attorney Can Help

The accomplished Pennsylvania lemon law attorneys at Robison Lemon Law Group are committed to fiercely advocating for our valued clients’ legal rights in relation to frustrating and costly car troubles. We have a wealth of experience successfully guiding claims related to Yukon climate control issues toward favorable resolutions, and we look forward to helping you as well. Having a reliable vehicle that affords you a comfortable ride is important, so please don’t wait to contact or call us at 844-386-0831 to learn more and schedule your free, no-obligation evaluation today.

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