5 Car Companies That Have Had the Most Recalls

Under product liability laws, carmakers are required to ensure every vehicle they sell is as safe as possible, both before and after it has been sold.

But what car company has the most recalls?

There are two ways to answer that. One is the carmaker’s total number of recalled vehicles, and the other is the carmakers’ recall rate.

Recall rates are calculated by dividing the total number of cars recalled by the total number of cars sold. This is a better indicator of a company’s overall track record than just the total number of cars recalled.

Smaller car makers might have lower total recall numbers but much higher recall rates, suggesting there’s an underlying problem with their safety and reliability.

So which car companies have the highest recall rates?

1. Volkswagen

German engineering can sometimes be too sophisticated for its own good.

In 2015, the Environmental Protection Agency fined VW for installing cheat software on its diesel models to pass emissions tests. Volkswagen had to recall 11 million vehicles because of “Dieselgate,” earning it the dubious distinction of the car company with the most recalls.

2. Chrysler

Car nuts will not be surprised that Chrysler nearly tops the list of car companies with the most recalls.

The formerly all-American car manufacturer has been in crisis for years, and its recall rate shows it. Between 1985 and 2016, Chrysler had to pull a shocking 63,000,000 vehicles off the road.

Chrysler’s Most Recalled Car Brand: Chrysler 300

With so much competition to be Chrysler’s most recalled vehicle, it’s hard to pick a winner. But since we have to choose, the title goes to the Chrysler 300.

This overpowered luxury sedan has an average recall rate of 1.71, more than twice the national average.

3. Honda

Honda enjoys a pretty good reputation for reliability and safety, which is why it is surprising to see this Japanese manufacturer ranked so high on the list.

While there have been some common car problems with their vehicles in the past, Honda’s high recall rate is almost entirely thanks to faulty airbags that may have caused or contributed to 20 deaths and nearly 200 injuries worldwide.

Honda’s supplier, Takata, provided faulty airbags that exploded when they were deployed. Honda was certainly not the only company to be affected by the Takata recall, but it was one of the hardest-hit, with millions of Honda vehicles pulled from the roads.

Honda’s Most Recalled Vehicle: Honda Odyssey

Think minivans are safe? Think again.

The Honda Odyssey, the “fun family minivan,” has been recalled more than 25 times in the last 10 years for serious issues including dangerous shifting and braking problems.

If you own a Honda Odyssey manufactured within the last six years that continually experiences problems, you may want to check if it meets your state’s lemon law criteria.

4. Hyundai

Although it has only sold about 11 million cars since 1985, Hyundai has had to recall nearly 14 million vehicles for various issues over the years.

In February 2019, Hyundai and Kia recalled nearly half a million SUVs for engine failures, fires and other complaints. If you’ve taken your Hyundai in for multiple recalls and are still having problems with it, it may be time to contact a lemon law attorney.

Ironically, although Hyundai as a whole has one of the highest recall rates, its Accent subcompact and Elantra compact sedans actually have some of the lowest recall rates of any vehicle.

5. BMW

BMW enjoys a reputation for style, luxury and performance. It has also been hit by some heavy recalls for some very serious issues.

Starting in 2013, BMV got hit by the Takata airbag recall, with many of its flagship models affected.

In 2017, over one million BMWs were recalled because of a defect that led to them bursting into flames even when the engine was turned off.

BMW’s Most Recalled Vehicle: X5

BMW’s X5 has been recalled for issues involving its Takata airbags, fuel systems, brakes, suspension and hydraulics.

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