2022 Subaru Ascent Problems, Complaints and Common Issues

Do you know how many Subaru Ascent vehicles were sold in the United States last year?

The answer is 59,980. That’s down from 67,623 in 2020 and 81,958 in 2019.

While the Subaru Ascent boasts a powerful engine, off-road capability, the ability to tow a good amount of cargo, and stylish good looks, it has a significant drawback. There are some severe reliability issues.

Continue reading to learn about some common 2022 Subaru Ascent problems.

Power Equipment Issues

2022 Subaru Ascent issues include power equipment issues. If you’re a car owner, you can attest to the fact that power equipment foibles are annoying. They might not leave you stranded. But they can raise your stress level.

When it comes to the Subaru Ascent, power equipment issues are many. They include the warning lights, alarm system, body control module, tire pressure monitor, gauges, exterior and interior lights, wiper motor, horn, and more.

Some of these issues, such as the security system or the horn, can be serious. If you’re thinking of getting a 2022 Subaru Ascent, consider the power equipment problems. It’s one of the common issues owners have reported.

Fuel System Issues

Subaru Ascent complaints also include fuel system issues. Specific issues include, but are not limited to, emission control devices, fuel leaks, the fuel injection system, engine computer, fuel cap, and stalling.

It goes without saying that the fuel system of your car is essential. So, you’ll have to think twice before buying a vehicle with known fuel system issues. At the very least, look into the warranty and whether it covers fuel system issues.

Engine Issues

Engine issues aren’t uncommon when it comes to early Subaru models. Anyone following the brand over the years knows that earlier models had issues with the head gasket. And this required costly engine repairs or replacements.

The 2022 Subaru Ascent has minor and major issues. Minor issues include problems with the accessory belts and pulleys, oil leaks, engine mounts, engine computer, and more.

Major issues include the head gasket, timing belt or timing chain; the need for an engine rebuild or replacement, and more. So, you can see that engine issues can end up costing you an arm and a leg to rectify.

While the benefits of Subaru vehicles include the proven all-wheel-drive capabilities, you’ll want to figure out whether or not you want to deal with the many engine issues that plague the Subaru Ascent.

Brake Issues

The braking system is your vehicle’s top safety system. So, you’ll want to be aware of buying a vehicle with known braking issues. Unfortunately, the 2002 Subaru Ascent is just such a vehicle.

Considering that the vehicle is an SUV that is heavier than a regular car, you can appreciate the importance of proper braking. If the 2022 Subaru Ascent has brake problems right off the lot, that’s a big problem.

Braking problems owners have reported include calipers, rotors, antilock system, master cylinder, parking brake, pulsation, brake failure, and more.

Transmission Issues

When you buy a Subuaru, the last thing you’ll want is to encounter transmission problems. But that’s precisely what you could be up against if you purchase a 2022 Subaru Ascent. It’s known to have transmission issues.

Owners have reported issues like a total transmission rebuild or replacement, clutch replacement, and torque converter issues.

It can cost thousands of dollars to replace or repair a transmission. So, the last thing you’ll want is to experience such problems, especially on a late-model car. If you really want one, ensure the warranty covers the transmission.

Suspension Issues

Suspension problems also plague the 2022 Subaru Ascent. It’s a long list of potential issues, including ball joints, shocks or struts, steering linkage, tie rods, bushings, power steering, and more.

Driving with suspension problems is unsafe. The annoying thing, however, is to have to deal with such problems with a late-model car.

Body Issues

The 2022 Subaru Ascent also has build quality issues. Body issues include locks and latches, windows, doors, seat controls, sunroof, safety belts, mirrors, and more.

It’s one thing if you have an older car with some of the abovementioned body issues. But you won’t want to have to deal with such issues if you purchase outright or lease a spanking new vehicle.

A new car with these types of build quality issues is best to leave on the dealership lot. It’s not worth the problems.

Drive System Issues

Subaru Ascents for the 2022 model year are also rife with drive system issues.

Problems can occur with the CV joint, transfer case, driveshaft or axle, traction control, four-wheel-drive or all-wheel-drive components, electronic stability control, and more.

Electric Issues

Electric issues are also rampant with the 2022 Subaru Accent. There’s a long list of problems that owners have reported.

Items include, but are not limited to, the alternator, hybrid battery, starter, regular battery, spark plugs, electronic ignition, engine harness, and battery cables.

2022 Subaru Ascent Problems

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